Anatomy of a Plastic Bottle

This is a blog story about plastic bottles found in retail stores and kitchens across North America. There are many types of food and beverage packaging components stored in our fridges and cupboards, such as caps, cans, bottles, labels, cartons, tubes and merchandising accessories.   Plastic packaging can live in our homes for a very … Continue reading Anatomy of a Plastic Bottle

How to Buy Less Packaging, Yup Really!

  When you buy a product, you also buy its packaging. The packaging decisions a product-maker makes become your responsibility when you by the product. If you would like to know more about packaging development, you can read my recent blog about "packaging as layers". I'm a consumer packaging expert and want to help you increase your … Continue reading How to Buy Less Packaging, Yup Really!

3 Packaging Hacks for Modern Marketers

Hi Marketing Team! AI and Machine Learning are all around us in the omnichannel environment. According to Microsoft, 40% of AI aware firms are contemplating AI, while 20% say they are adopters. In 2017, adoption was low, really. I'm a CPG expert and packaging innovator. I know from experience that in 2018, packaging teams are … Continue reading 3 Packaging Hacks for Modern Marketers

Recycling: It’s the real thing!

coca-cola recycling, 2030, packaging

Coca-Cola wants to teach the world to recycle. In perfect harmony. Did you hear? In January 2018, Coca-Cola made industry-first recycling announcements. Follow these hashtags on Twitter to learn more: #thisisforward and #worldwithoutwaste Here are a few recent tweets to help you discover more about this food and beverage  waste movement: In 2018, Coca-Cola announced … Continue reading Recycling: It’s the real thing!

It’s an Exciting Time to be a Cereal Box!

cereal box, packaging, breakfast aisle

Cereal boxes! They are efficient, entertaining and educational. Easy to open and close. It's an exciting time to be a cereal box! Sold on crowded shelves in a hyper-competitive aisle, cereal is a fast-moving-good in retail and online stores. Cereal makers make money on volume/sales of cereal and most brands are constantly on sale. Packaged … Continue reading It’s an Exciting Time to be a Cereal Box!