Get into the spirit! #Canada150 products are in-store now

Canada’s 150th birthday is just over 3 weeks away. This could be the most creative 150th birthday party at-retail!

We are starting to see limited edition products on Canadian retail shelves and the package designs are simply terrific.

In this blog, I’m curating products currently on retail shelves, for your enjoyment (and for those of legal drinking age):

Gibson’s Finest Canadian Whiskey. Canada is fine and fabulous!

whisky, canadian whisky, #canada150, happy birthday canada

Absolut Canada design. Canada is simply stunning!

#canada150, happy birthday canada, absolut vodka

Innis & Gunn’s tribute to Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation. Canada is marvellous!

innis & gunn, happy birthday canada, confederation, beer

Andrew Peller’s French Cross. Canada is amazing!

#canada150, andrew peller, happy birthday canada, french cross

Pelee Island winery. Oh Canada!

pelee island wines, canada 150, vqa ontario wine, happy birthday canada

Did you read the blog I wrote last week with more Canadian celebration packages? There are several grocery brands celebrating the big day.

Here is the link.

#canada150 products are hitting retail shelves now

Drop by again early next week. I’ll keep you in the know about new #Canada150 products during the month of June.

Karen Blumel Consulting Inc. is a firm that specializes in packaging innovation. My role in this bog is to curate celebration product images and share them with you.

Happy Birthday Canada!

You are looking fabulous!


Karen Blumel


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