A new world wine inside an unexpected art form

Hey wine lovers, did you hear about what’s new in Cabernet Franc?

On 5/3, Stratus Vineyards inspired a sophisticated crowd of wine lovers and experts at their Decant event, held at Teknion in Toronto!

They unveiled their 2014 Cabernet Franc bottled with lees.

Yes, the wine is delicious. And so is the packaging!

The signature shape of the bottle is formed in layered glass, creating a built-in slip-resistant handle and acting as a decanter.

Let me back up. Do you know Stratus Vineyards?

They are a gravity flow winery and they are LEED-certified. Stratus is located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada.

Their new world wine bottle was sculpted by Karim Rashid.

wine bottle innovation, layered glass wine bottle

Wine bottling 101

For over 80 years, bottling capability has dictated the traditional round glass bottle as the most efficient vessel. At mobile-bottlers and industrial wine facilities a-like, round traditional wine bottles spin through the bottling and wine label application process with efficiency and ease. The roundness and symmetry of these forms contribute to the profitability of wine.

And for any wine brand that packages their wine in these traditional round bottle forms, the wine label alone does the heavy lifting of emotionally connecting with consumers. The smallish wine label footprint is the winemaker’s storyteller, front and back.

This Decant wine bottle wildly expresses the 2014 Cabernet Franc inside

The innovative Stratus team pushed beyond traditional boundaries of wine packaging and succeeded in delivering a radical and contemporary solution.

What do you think, is this bottle inspiring you?

When you buy a delicious wine inside packaging that emotionally connects you to the wine, are you really buying the wine itself or, the collective juice, bottle, closure and label?

In my opinion, this 2014 Cabernet Franc including wine bottle, closure and label, is a collectable type of new world art form.

Be well,


Karen Blumel Consulting Inc.





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