Social media packaging – clear and simple

Does your company market and sell a food or beverage product?

Then you know that the first moment of consumer engagement with your line extension or new product is likely taking place on mobile devices, not in-store.

How are you and your team responded to this game changer?

When launching a new brand or line extension, consumers are likely viewing your product on their mobile device before they see it in-store. And this includes the packaging!

man looking at phone free download

Packaging is an important consumer touch-point.

Years ago, P&G defined the retail shelf as the first moment of truth. (And your product was just one choice of the sea of brands puzzle in their sightlines.) While the retail shelf is still very significant, now you have a new opportunity to put a social media post  with product packaging front and centre on their mobile device, before they get to the retail shelf. A post that is dedicated to your brand, package and message!

Help them choose your brand.

The visual real estate of newsfeed is an excellent opportunity to WOW consumers with simplicity and help them buy.

There is no doubt about it, mobile devices are changing the consumer “browse and buy” experience. And grabbing target consumer attention on social media is challenging. When scrolling newsfeed, your target consumer spends split seconds (if that) scanning your content.

And eight out of ten consumers are using their mobile device as an in-store personal shopping assistant.

Here are 5 tips to help your food and beverage product grab their attention on social media platforms:

  1. Keep the photo composition clear and simple.
  2. Remember that colour is flavour.
  3. Communicate visual texture or uniqueness.
  4. Describe taste with flavour cues.
  5. State a unique product feature and benefit. Include a call to action caption!

Need help with social media packaging posts?

Reach out!

I am a consultant specializing in product packaging innovation. With over 10,000 hours of expertise in package design, adaptation and print, I will provide you with insight and actionable ways to leverage the power of product packaging on mobile!

PS – sell more product!

Be well!





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