How to get your brand in their hands!

When a product package has stopping-power it stands out. Consumers pick it up. Read it. Turn it over. Put it in their shopping cart.

Stopping-power is the holy grail of package design. It happens when compelling and thoughtful design collides with consumer emotions.

More often than not, a product package’s ability to stop-and-hold consumers is directly related to the package design process itself. Better process = better design.

Early in my consumer packaged goods career, I learned from thought-leaders that when a product package connects emotionally with shoppers, they will pick it up from the shelf and 80% of the time, buy it.


Get your brand in their hands.

In this blog, I am going to give you a personal story of stopping-power from this packaging professional’s point of view.

These packages have shopper-stopper power, in my opinion!

Here’s my story:

I wrote a quick top-up shopping list last Wednesday afternoon: a special bottle of wine for girls night out, olive oil for a salad I’m bringing to the party, and a morning cereal for busy mornings next week.

I’m not loyal to any particular brand.

My budget is not dictating my choice.

Note: I did not work on any of these design projects, so I don’t know what their design process was. I do know through experience that these 3 packages are well designed  (to me and my look-a-likes).

My 3 picks for stopping-power during a recent shopping trip:

  1. Nothing says girls night out better than pinks and florals. What’s interesting about this  Spanish wine brand is that it is hard to even know the brand name by just looking at the label. You have to pick the bottle up to read it – GOTIN! Gotcha! In the wine & spirits category, brands woo consumers with innovative design and print effects. To me, this one has the power. I am confident our hostess will love it!



2. The olive oil category is starting to wake up to the power of package design, taking cues from old and new world winemakers. This Spanish olive oil will pair nicely with the GOTIN wine I purchased.

What grows together, goes together! Think Spain.

Colour catches your eye and Finca Duernas blocks well in this shelf shot shot. The bright vessel colours stand out against the brown bottles and paper labels on the left at 9ft from the shelf.

The company founder has signed the bottle label – a nice touch! Just like wine, when the founder or maker signs the bottle, it endorses the product. A strong testimonial! (I’ll be blogging about how signatures impact purchase decision later in Spring)

This olive oil product is proudly displayed on my kitchen counter-top. Why would I hide it in the cupboard? It’s stunning!

3.  This customized Year of the Rooster package has stopping-power and the back panel features Zhezhi (the Chinese art of paper folding). I just love this celebration of Chinese New Year in design. And we can make Zhezhi while the family eats breakfast:

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 7.39.54 AM

How do you get your brand in their hands?

Thoughtful design.

Thoughtful design begins by leveraging the power of your data and insight. You don’t need a big budget to harness it. You’ve got it, use it! It’s an investment that makes a difference between seen and sold.

OVER to you!

Well, what do you think? Do you agree that these designs have stopping-power in their respective categories?

Karen Blumel Consulting Inc. is a firm specializing in package innovation and omni-channel strategy.  Thank you for reading brands and packages blog! Need help with inspiration or innovation? Reach out!

And please leave a comment. What do you think of the stopping-power of these brands and packages?

(Friendly reminder: I did not participate in the design of these packages, I simply admire them for their stopping-power!)

Be well,


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