How to think differently about packaging structure


Hi Marketer!

No one knows your new product better than you.

For best results, give your package designer and structural engineer a thoughtful creative brief early in the product development process.

Packaging plays a big role in enabling repeat purchase and is often designed last, on a short timeline.

The result? Same old structure.

Up your game and bring your packaging development team together earlier:

According to Nielsen, 41% of consumers purchase a product again because they like it’s packaging. (Nielsen 2016)

Designing packaging graphics and structures to enhance consumer experiences during product use encourages repeat purchase & advocacy.

As an example, have you included a section in your creative brief that asks your design and engineering team to explore closures?

Hopefully you have included sufficient time to explore closures. Closure type impacts the die-line.

Take a moment to consider closure style and its physical and visual impact:


This product packaging looks and feels simple & organic. The closure furthers the consumer experience in the same direction.

Product packaging is a powerful consumer touch point, it is the product!

Good design direction impacts purchase decision and enables repeat purchase.

No other marketing vehicle shouts for your shopper’s attention  in-store, is seen as often or as long,  goes home with the shopper, is touched, opened, smelled, closed and picked up repeatedly like your product packaging.

I am a packaging consultant and my MO is to help business leaders sell more product.

I hope you enjoy my blogs. I certainly do enjoy writing them and, providing you with packaging goodness!

Please make a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Be well!


Karen Blumel Consulting Inc.

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