Why we love checklists (and you should too!)

In the spirit of the holidays, I am writing about packaging and checklists today! I hope you enjoy this gift. It is written with brand and packaging peeps in mind. Everywhere!


If you are already writing checklists and checking them twice, congratulations!

If you are not, read on for reasons why you should start now!

Now, I am not talking about naughty and nice lists here. I am talking about smart lists:)

I have worked in packaging for over 10 years. Lists and checklists have saved me, the entire team and clients a lot of time and heart ache.

Checklists WILL do the same for you.

To be honest, I find that many people do not write lists or checklists before they start a project. They rely on memory or someone else on the team to prompt them.

When something is missed. Someone says “we should write a checklist”. You know how it goes though, things get busy and it doesn’t get done.

Here is a way to get it done:

Someone on your team will OWN it. It can be only one person. Think like Santa. He is responsible for the checklist.

Every organization is different. It is up to you to designate one person on the team as the owner of the checklist. Likely, an account director or studio manager will own  the checklist if it is artwork related.

To take some pressure off the checklist owner. The leader schedules a meeting with the team every week. At the meeting, the team reviews the checklist to identify what’s missing and the owner delegates next steps.

Here is a good example of a checklist for “receiving artwork”. Note how the die-line approval is first on the list!


TIP: Always get the die-line approved first, before starting on design, seriously!:

I hope you found this blog useful.

Karen Blumel Consulting is a firm specializing in packaging innovation.

Need help with checklists, roles and responsibilities during packaging process? I can help you.

PS yes, there is an APP for that!

Please reach out!

OVER to you….

How many checklists do you have? How have they helped you?

Be well!

Karen Blumel

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