Down the rabbit hole

Package printers often have “customers for life”.


It takes a lot of resources and cost to move brand packaging business from one printer to another. There has to be a significant motivation for brands to change printers such as a major error is made again, or there is a significant efficiency, innovation, or cost benefit to the supplier change.

There are many good printers to choose from.

There are many great printers too.

The difference between good and great lies in highly skilled people, continuous improvement processes, efficient workflow and a culture of innovation.

For brands that have designed and printed packaging with the same printer over and over again, it is often so much easier to use the same printer over and over again rather than find a better print solution. The proof is in the pudding though.

Time passes. The same colour management issues keep appearing over and over again. Print production teams are too busy filling orders. No time for sharing innovation or continuous improvement.

They just keep on printing your order.

Within some major cities in North America, there are over 150 pressure sensitive label printers within 40 miles of each other. And 10 folding carton and 20 flexible bag converters all calling on the same accounts.

Despite the big numbers, a good printer is easy to keep and a great printer is hard to find.

And the same story with package designers. There are many of them.

Which package designer do you choose?

A web designer may not be the best choice for designing brand packaging.

Do you have a checklist of what is important to you in a package designer and printer?

Do you have a list of 3 “must have’s”?

You can check on-line or use social media to guide you to your supply chain.

That experience can be like going down the rabbit hole.

According to Wikipedia, “Down the rabbit hole” is a metaphor for an entry into the unknown, the disorienting or the mentally deranging, made famous by Alice in Wonderland.


Where do you stop, 5 hours of search later?

Testimonials from colleagues work well. Sometimes.

Ok, back to the internet.


You need a trusted advisor. Someone who knows how to navigate the North American packaging community and will help you onboard your packaging supply chain. From concept to print.

Karen Blumel Consulting is a firm that specializes in packaging development and innovation. I help you identify and onboard your custom packaging supply chain. And along the way, I help you take cost and time out of packaging process. Done!

Please reach out if you need help.


Karen Blumel

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