Is ok good enough?

Many wineries sell out of their best wines by October.


For young wineries, selling out is exciting. Consumers love your juice!

When starting up, it’s your juice that does the selling. Consumers come back for a second or third bottle or a case of 12.

As your business grows you will hire an accountant and a quality manager. You need their expertise to grow.

Have you hired a packaged design firm yet?

What happens when yields start to rise and you no longer sell out?

What will be the reason you did not sell out?

It’s very possible that your package design will not be working hard enough.

What is the true cost of that package design service you are using?

Don’t get me wrong, there are many awesome independent lower cost package designers out there.

And there are many “ok” designers out there.

Your juice deserves the expertise of a package design firm that will:

  1. ask you for a creative brief
  2. challenge your thinking about design
  3. write your story
  4. optimize the packaging structure
  5. design with consumer recall in mind
  6. consider consumer behaviour research
  7. enhance design with innovative print features

Hire a professional package design firm. The investment is worth it!

As Wayne Gretsky has said “Skate to where the puck is going!”

Invest in good package design!

I am a consultant specializing in packaging innovation. Need help? Please reach out, I help brands make better packaging decisions!


Karen Blumel



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