5 tips for designing product packaging

A challenger brand relies heavily on package design to sell product in-store and on-line. With challengers, budgets tend to be limited. Usually, there are no advertising campaigns to support product launch or revitalization.

The retail environment is where the fight for market share happens.  Packaging is “on” all the time.


Clear and simple communication works.

Challengers know that their product packaging is an important consumer touch-point for their brand. Once it gets in the shopper’s cart and is taken home it will be seen, touched, opened and read over and over again.

A clear value proposition that evokes an emotion and solves a consumer problem is most likely to get in the hands of your target consumer.

Here are 5 tips:

  1. Take the time to identify the proposed hierarchy of information on face panel with your team and package designer before you start round 1 design. Refine and review again. TIP: Be very clear and transparent on product attributes and regulatory statements.
  2. Talk to your designer and photographer before round 1 about how your packaging will deliver “appetite appeal”through photography composition.
  3. Following round 1, ask your agency to put the designs on the shelf. Ask questions!
  4. Conduct consumer behaviour research  to help you know how your design performs from the consumer POV. This stage helps to reduce the risk of design decisions. Usually takes place in round 4 and allows for optimization.
  5. Get your printer involved early to identify print techniques that will help your brand and message stand out.

Thoughtful design makes all the difference.


Karen Blumel Consulting is a firm specializing in packaging innovation. Need help with your next packaging project? Please do reach out!

Karen Blumel

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