Well done! 3 best practice twin-packs

Looking for ways to increase product sales at CLUB stores?  Try twin packs.

In this blog post I share three very different approaches to twin packs in the condiment space.


I really like how Heinz has merchandised their twin pack. The sturdy rings wrap around the cap where the legendary “57” branding is displayed. Nice touch!


The bottles seem to have a mind of their own even though the rings try to keep the bottles aligned. Is it possible for consumers to re-purpose those sturdy rings after removing them from the bottles?


I really like how French’s has applied a blank clear plastic sleeve around the two bottles.



The sleeve hugs the bottles tightly making consumer handling easier. While the plastic sleeve does wrinkle around contours, it doesn’t seem to negatively impact the brand label and message. This is the ultimate example of low cost, twin packing.

And check out the French’s mustard 2 pack. Here, the sleeve is printed. Nice!


Your operations and quality assurance teams will inform you of the best method of twin-packing.

Are you planning a twin pack launch? Remember, all moments of truth count when designing a twin pack:

First moment – merchandising

Second moment – consumer use

Third moment – end of life options (re-use, re-purpose or recycle)

Thanks for reading brands and packages blog. I am a packaging innovator, helping brands make packaging better, easier and faster.

Need help with your next packaging project? Please reach out!


Karen Blumel


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