Anatomy of a wine label – Ontario VQA

I love wine labels. When I shop for wine, I’m like a kid in a candy store. For 12 years now I have been working in package printing & design firms which means I pick up wine bottles just to run my hand or thumb across the front label or look closely at the print. My aim is to identify the print technologies: Raised varnish, matte/gloss effects, foil, emboss – this is the candy!

Here I have created an anatomy of a wine label for an Ontario made VQA wine. I hope you enjoy reading my interpretation of how this wine label was made!


I am a consultant and packaging innovator helping brands develop packaging that enables repeat purchase, loyalty and advocacy!

OVER to you!

Is there a wine label you love out there? Let me know which producer and vintage you love and I will assess the anatomy (hopefully I will find the wine at my local grocery store or LCBO so that I can look closely at the print!)


Karen Blumel

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