5 Tips to help you get started on package design

To help you navigate your way around package design & print, check out my brands and packages blogs. They are brimming with product packaging goodness. Quick reads – 3 minutes or less – with tips on how to make packaging development experiences better, easier and faster.

Most of my blogs are targeted at fast moving goods such as food & beverages.

Always made with brand managers in mind.

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Do you dislike receiving an emailed pdf for approvals? No problem, let’s solve that! Here is tip #1:

man looking at phone free download
Is this brand manager proofing on his mobile device? Yes, he just approved the file. Done!


TIP 1 – On a tight timeline:

  1. Encourage your designer to use on-line proofing tools to make proofing faster and easier.
  2. Ask your package designer to provide you a workback schedule incorporating your critical control point dates. Review progress weekly!

Tip 2 – Getting started:

At the start of your project, share your packaging brief with every client partner including the printer,  the photographer and food stylist. Each partner will add new value. Value that will be missed if you do not connect with these folks early in the design process.

TIP 3 – Share the concepts with senior leaders early in the process

Don’t wait until the fourth round to share possible design directions with internal senior decision makers. Share the first or second round concept directions to stakeholders early in the design process. Include your rationale for the suggested concept and a runner up. Likely, a hybrid will result.

TIP 4- Schedule pre-production meetings:

Up until the third or fourth round of concepts, you  may have used stock images in your design. Ask the photographer and food stylist to collaborate early in round two and listen to their guidance during pre-production discussions. It will be worth it!

PS – Before you sign off on any package design ask for a physical mock up of the final packaging.

TIP 5  – Look ahead:

Ask your designer to give consideration to how your package design may evolve 5 years from now.

A good package designer will invest the time and is worth a 1000 words.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am a packaging consultant and I help make packaging experiences better, faster and easier for brands! Need help? Please reach out!

Be well!

Karen Blumel Consulting Inc.


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