Anatomy of a chip bag, seriously?

Last night I had a snack attack and tried the food samples I collected at the Grocery Innovations show in Toronto.  When you have this many goodies lying around in a trade show bag, you have to start munching!

As a packaging consultant, I look closely at brands and packages as I munch.

Inspired, I thought I would do a little write up on packaging anatomy, in a helpful way:


Ridgies is the Double Dutch family of potato chips. It’s the Food Truck edition. Doubly delicious/Double The Ridges.

Structural anatomy:

Matte black on foil communicates premium quality and the “food truck” look and feel. The package is made from foil and the Ridgies word mark skillfully exposes a reflective silver foil effect. Nice!

This potato chip bag was very easy to open which made me very happy, some foil bag brands are a tug of war! You know what I mean?

Graphics anatomy:

On the Ridgies website these snacks are gluten free. Not sure why that claim is not on the face panel of packaging? If Ridgies are certified gluten free, show the certification on packaging and help gluten-free girls eat your delicious food truck chips!

Bring on the appetite appeal please!

PS – the printing of the food image is somewhat pixelated on my sample bag. Is that a one-off or a systemic problem? Suggest Ridgies talks to the printer!!!

Well, 130 calories later, I was feeling very good about this sample packaging and still a little hungry.

Now, where is that other sample bag?!??

I am a packaging strategist & consultant, helping brands make packaging better, easier and faster.

Thanks for reading!

PS – Can’t wait to find Ridgies merchandised at my local grocer!

For more information on this product, click here:

Good snacking!


Karen Blumel Consulting Inc.








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