5 ideas to help you design new packages differently

Think differently when designing a new product package!

Designing packaging structures to enhance consumer experiences during product use encourages repeat purchase & advocacy.

Take a moment to consider closure style and its impact:


This product packaging looks and feels simple & organic. The closure furthers the consumer experience in the same direction.

Do you agree?

Product packaging is a powerful consumer touch point, it is the product!

Organize your packaging brief into 5 layers:

  1. The proposed shelf, social, and digital landscape
  2. The value proposition & product innovation
  3. Hierarchy of product information & regulatory
  4. Brand architecture, tone & story
  5. Package structure, innovation and end of life options

Good design direction impacts purchase decision and enables repeat purchase.

No other marketing vehicle shouts for your shopper’s attention  in-store, is seen as often or as long,  goes home with the shopper, is touched, opened, smelled, closed and picked up repeatedly like your product packaging.

I am a packaging consultant and my MO is to help connect people, packages and brands. To bring better, faster and easier packaging development experiences to brands.

Reach out to me for help with any stage of design, print and innovation. I’d be glad to help you optimize ROI for your next project.

I hope you enjoy my blogs. I certainly do enjoy writing them and, providing you with packaging goodness!

Please make a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Be well!


Karen Blumel Consulting Inc.

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