How to achieve a circular economy

At PAC to the Future: Packaging in 2025 conference held in Niagara Falls Canada on September 28 and 29 2016, storytellers rich with knowledge, experience and insight talked on the Circular economy, Internet of Things, OMNI-channel, Big data, Nano technology in 2025 and more!

Here, I have compiled my notes from the final panel discussion hosted by Alan Blake on “achieving the circular economy in 2025”:


(These sum up’s are my interpretation of what these thought leader presenters had to say during the final moments of the event)

Keith Fanta’s message:

Very simple and effective message: Continue to collaborate. Engage government, your employees, and competitors in the conversation. We have to understand how to get the consumer engaged in the circular economy.

Malcolm Brodie’s message:

Malcolm’s perspective on the Future of Packaging was answered with a question to the attendees. How did our parents act? Not like we do! Question to PAC to the Future guests – how do we go to the Past? Repair, re-use, re-purpose, recycle. They used things again and again and again. Fix what you have. Have a grandma attitude!

Michael Goeres message:

A very strong message: There are some things you do not say out loud in the business world. Start saying what you don’t want to say. Achievement of goals is going to require legislation and regulation of a different kind. Government needs to hear this message from citizens. Say it!

John Snow’s message:

Start now: Don’t just look to the government, company or associations. Everyone can do something at home. Spread the word to family and on social media. We need BIG change. Start when you leave this event today!

Bottom line. The future and the circular economy is  everyone’s responsibility. It’s your turn! Start talking about the circular economy and better yet, go do something right now that speaks to the messages from these 4 inspirational speakers on the circular economy!


Repair, re-use, re-purpose!

Be well,

Karen Blumel



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