big data, innovation and package design

Hi brand leaders!

Your brand marketing plan connects the dots between what you will do and why you will do it in 2017.

Marketing Plan

If you are a food and beverage brand that markets and sells your products in the USA, you likely included a budget for FDA regulatory updates to nutrition fact tables in your plan. I am going to take a leap here and assume you may also be funding reformulation of existing products. 2017 is an ideal time for a graphic re-design!

Product packaging plays an important role in your marketing plan. It’s an important touch-point for brands. No other marketing vehicle shouts as loud and works as hard for shopper attention. Product packaging is opened, closed, read and touched more than any other marketing lever.

Here are 3 tips to help you on your journey to efficient and thoughtful design.  Key considerations are given to helping your brand stand out, communicate and connect with your targeted consumers in 2017 and beyond.

  1. Utilize big data & insight to guide package design decisions –In 2017 category captains will have access to, and use big data, more than ever before. Data and insight guides design decisions. As said by W. Edwards Deming – Data Scientist “Without data your just another person with an opinion.” All designs need the human touch however data and insight will help direct the design brief towards better engagement. The science of big data helps to reduce brand design risk. If you are a challenger or emerging brand please know that you don’t need a big budget for big data and insight. It’s out there!
  1. Control your design costs to increase profit. –Package design is a niche skill. There will always be a lower cost designer out there, but do they do good packaging work? Ask for a portfolio and testimonials before you begin. There are many awesome package designers out there at a range of prices. Issuing a design RFP is an ideal way to control your costs. Approach 5 designers. Qualify them for fit and capability criteria. Issue an RFP to 3 finalists and award your business to the best value proposition. Controlling your design costs will improve your margin.
  1. Discover print innovation to create a visual point of difference– Personalization, IoT and engaging print effects are all out there. What is next? If you do not have a relationship with a flexible pouch, folding carton and label supplier you may be the last to know. Explore the conversation on social media or contact your local packaging association and start making connections with package printers! Enabling the dialogue between printer and designer early in the design process will help your designer design better. Seek out printers that have very high standards of quality and invest in workflow. Ask them about their recent investments and future investment plans. These are very revealing questions.

I hope these 3 tips prove useful to you and will help you execute efficient and thoughtful package design updates.

Need help? I am a consumer packaging consultant with over 10,000 hands-on leadership and experience in packaging strategy, design and development. Please do reach out for a consultation.




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