Elevate brand awareness on a budget

For package printing converters, earning awards is an excellent way to elevate their brand awareness on a budget. As a marketer, I am a big fan of awards, especially for converters where marketing budgets are tight and innovation is often the leading point of difference.

In this series of 3 blogs I suggest 10 reasons why awards are good for your business, how to get started, and 6 competitions you can explore now!

Everything starts with a conversation. Awards competitions start awesome conversations.

Following receipt of your award, you have the opportunity to post super content on social media, enhance tradeshow messages, tell your story during face-to-face client meetings and make better presentations to the bank. The list goes on and on.

Here are my top 10 reasons for including an awards program as part of your marketing strategy and business plan.

Winning awards:

  1. Endorses your company as “the best at something” or “one of the best”.


  1. Gets your company on the Cover –Top winners usually get the opportunity to share their journey to award-winner with a leading publisher sponsor.
  1. Attracts raving fans – Suppliers, their suppliers, peers, clients. Everyone in your community will want to congratulate you.
  1. Grows your social following – Award winning is awesome content to post on social media. Your followers will love to share that content.
  1. Gets your sales people excited – Sales people will love sharing their award winning story! It gives them a fresh reason to call that prospect.

Ok, here are 5 more.

  1. Raises team morale – Your team and individuals get recognized and celebrate. A refreshed culture of innovation may be on its way to your production floor.
  1. Attracts new prospects – Earning an “award winning” designation before your company name also helps attract new business to your company.
  1. Becomes a cause for celebration with your client and their design team or creative partner – Design a plaque theme, insert the award and present it to them.
  1. Makes you proud – Know that the investments you have made are making a difference to your clients, your employees and the community around you!
  1. Archives your best work – It happens: you print an awesome package and, you run out of samples. Happens all the time. Awards enable archiving!


I hope you are convinced that awards are good business and you are interested in reading about how to get started. I will share tips on how to get started in the second blog of this series! I’ll post the second blog on Friday.

Stay tuned!


Do you enter awards competitions regularly? How has winning awards impacted your business?

Thanks for reading,


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