Designing packaging on a deadline

Hi Brand Manager!

Congratulations! You just received approval from the marketing director to launch 3 sku’s and you are ready to begin package design. Time is tight as usual! In this blog you will learn how on-line proofing tools help you expedite artwork approvals and launch packaging on time.

Fact: Packaging design is a highly creative business, deadline driven and usually rushed.

Rushing creative especially in the first round of artwork where the brand thinking takes place is not desirable however, if the project timeline is tight you may have no choice.

Tip – ask your designer to sketch a few face panel layouts first. Face panel sketches are a good starting point following the project briefing.

Ok, Let’s get back to the topic of timeline.

Your project timeline might look something like this:

Based on the work back schedule, the “final packaging to the plant date” is in 8 weeks and you have not yet started the design process. Yikes!

Not impossible. I’d like to help you expedite your current design process.  Here is a tip:

Consider on-line proofing tools for packaging review and approvals.

On-line proofing is a game changer for any brand that needs to expedite artwork approvals. On-line tools have been around for a while however, not all designers embrace these tools. Encourage your designer to invest in these tools and enable real time collaboration with all stakeholders inside and outside the organization.

On-line proofing tools are built to be brand friendly. Whether you are a start-up, emerging, challenger or leadership brand, the investment is worth it! Here’s why:

  1. Easy-to-access and FAST! – Following file upload by your designer, the files can be reviewed anywhere, by anyone you authorize to view, at any time. All they need is an internet connection and a user ID /password.

man looking at phone free download

  1. Community driven – On-line tools allow your authorized reviewers and approvers to make comments visible to the entire project team. Centralized feedback from users speeds the approval process up and reduces errors.
  1. Uses a project management approach – The on-line tool helps organize your project manager. No longer does your project manager need to chase busy people to approve. With quick and easy access, regulatory, QA and packaging teams will be auto notified of the approval stage and can access the files and provide comments instantly.
  1. Manages multiple projects at the same time – If the project manager is managing multiple projects at the same time, on-line proofing will make life easier.
  1. On the fly project tracking – Using the on-line tool project managers are able to view historical approvals, comments and updates at a glance.
  1. Finds your pain points and bottlenecks – If there is a bottleneck in the approval process, on-line tools will help find and diagnose them.
  1. Reduces rounds of revisions – Yes, on-line tools will reduce rounds of revisions by as much as 40%.

On-line proofing tools will transform the way you work. It’s paperless, although for those that want to download and print, you can if you wish.

I hope this blog proves useful to you and your team!

Best wishes for a successful product launch. Need help? Please reach out.

OVER to you!

Does your team use an on-line proofing tool? Please do comment about your experiences.

Karen Blumel





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