the package is the product

When it comes to package design, the brand message and design do the heavy lifting, especially when merchandised at shelf where competing brands are a distraction. Packaging is the silent salesman. It has to be “on” all of the time, attracting consumer attention.


If you are tasked with designing your very first packaging project ask for quotes from at least 3 designers and for best practice examples of their work along with a testimonial or two.

Be sure to ask for a quote from a package designer. Any graphic designer can design for sure. However, package design is a highly skilled, niche business! Choose a designer that you connect well with and has experience in packaging development!

Write a brief and share it with every  partner from the designer to the printer to the photographer and food stylist. Before photography day, hold a pre-production meeting to ensure everyone is on the same page with look and feel. Remind your photography team that conveying appetite appeal will help attract consumers to your brand. Pay special attention to shadows, highlights and textures in your hero shot.

Up until now, you  may have used stock images in your design. Ask the photographer and food stylist to collaborate in advance and provide guidance during the pre-production discussions. It will be worth it!

Finally, early in the process, ask your designer to give consideration to how your brand, your message and your package design will evolve 5 years from now.

A good design team will spend the time and is worth a 1000 words.

Thanks for stopping by!

Karen Blumel

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