Tips on how to build brand guides

Style and Brand Voice guides are a good investment. Curating all your brand goodness into these 2 documents will help agencies and new team members understand the rules of engagement for your brand. Guides become the reference document for years to come, referencing the do’s and don’ts. Every brand needs guides.

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Read on to learn about 2 guides that will help you define your brand and make your life easier as you grow your business:

Style Guide:

The style guide clearly articulates the rules of engagement for your brand logo and tag lines for packaging, print and media. It has more to do with the visual design rules such as font styles, typography, colour, size and position than anything else. Even if the style guide is a one pager, it is a valuable reference tool to ensure your brand is visually consistent on social spaces.

Providing a style guide to a design team helps them to understand the do’s and don’ts for your brand.

Brand Voice guide:

If you have not established a Brand Voice for your brand yet, here’s how:

Sit down with a trusted advisor to create your brand voice. You know, people that have accompanied you on your business journey. Let them help you discover the authentic voice for your brand.

Consistent tone and manner are important on social media.Create one brand voice on social media. To get started, collect and curate images of people, places and things that resonate with your brand. Make a collage with these images and write the values as you go. Answer these questions:

What is the consumers “reason to believe” in your product?

Do you have a positioning statement? Write it out.

Describe the consumer that would want to follow you on social media or buy your product.

What types of things do your consumers and followers care about?

Where do consumers buy your product?

What is your position on sustainability?

What does your competition do to attract consumers?

Answering these questions will help you to create a brand personality. Be consistent, believable and true to your product or service when writing your brand voice.

I hope you found this blog helpful.

Over to you!

Do you have a style guide? What is your brand voice?


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