Award winning organizations stand out!

Design and packaging awards competitions are good for business.

 There are many good reasons why your company should enter an awards competition:

 Winning an award is a reason to celebrate the efforts of every person that touched the design such as your client, your employees, and your suppliers..


Conversations between two of your employees about how to improve a process or design with a goal to submit a better entry next year might take place without you knowing.

Awards are an opportunity to tweet and post and like and comment on social media!! And don’t forget to thank your client for the opportunity.

 A culture of innovation thrives when awards are won and a culture of innovation learns as the runner up.

 Winning awards proves leadership position in quality and innovation.

 For designers, winning awards means that marketers win awards too. Your bread and butter.

 Make awards submissions part of your marketing plan.

 Awards are good business.

 Congratulations if you are an award winner!

 Now you can say you are an award winning business.

 Who doesn’t want to say that?

 Enter an awards competition today!



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