The package is your billboard


It’s summer and time to replace a ceiling fan that has decided to quit.

Bad timing, it’s hot!

Stores are well stocked. Great selection and a few are on sale!

The ceiling fan I purchase is white with 5 blades, 3 speeds and a light. I bought it at 50% off!

What does this have to do with “packaging as a billboard” you may ask? Well….

pablo (3)

Upon returning home, I open the packaging and to my surprise the fan included a remote control!

I had no idea this fan came with a remote control feature and to be honest, had I known, I would have expected to pay more. I would have paid more just like all the consumers that were looking for a remote control ceiling fan and did not buy this particular brand.

In a retail environment, consumer packaging is the product billboard. Product packaging must shout product features loud and clear to help consumer buy.

The failure rate for products at retail is high. Products are reduced to clear when items don’t sell. Brand margins are slashed.

To avoid omissions, establish a “packaging brief review” step in your  packaging process and create an information hierarchy to ensure key selling features don’t get dropped. A review of your packaging brief vs final packaging BEFORE you sign off on final package design will help you resolve errors and omissions.

The hierarchy you create will help to ensure product name, description and features are clearly articulated to grab consumer attention. Referring back to the brief before you finalize your graphic design helps to ensure you have not missed a key selling feature, regulatory statements, or tempered your design along the way.

Your consumer package is your billboard. Shout out the features and benefits of your product!



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