AIDA for wine brands at retail

AIDA has been around a long, long time.Use it as a guide during the graphic design process for your wine brand. Here is a snapshot of AIDA:


A is awareness. Your brand must be visible as the consumer approaches the retail shelf. Since wine bottles are standard category vessels, consider the shape, color and design of your wine label as the key influencer to gain attention at shelf. Stand out! From a distance, a strong shelf presence is essential. Remember, other brands are a visual distraction from your brand. Get their attention, create awareness!

I is information. Once consumers have approached the wine shelf (within 9 ft), they usually know whether they are seeking white, rose or red, possibly even the varietal and region. Regulatory information determines the communication hierarchy  however, you can add personality to your information with a signature by the wine maker or through romance copy and images!

D is desire. When consumers have narrowed their choices between brand A and brand B, often in a tie-breaker consumers make a choice based on an emotional difference. These emotional differences could be derived from gorgeous finishes such as shimmer,  foil, color or emboss or, the simplicity of an uncoated white label with old world script. Remember, they know they want to buy Pinot Noir as an example. How will you help them choose your brand over another? Wine is personal. Just as every taster is unique, the interpretation of your design will be unique to every viewer. Create desire through storytelling.

A is acquisition. 80% of the time,  if they pick your brand up, they will buy it! Be authentic and your juice will get their attention!

It is a good idea to write a brand brief and share it with your designer. For inspiration,  flip through some on-line or printed magazines and curate images that resonate with you. Share them in the brief. The brief will help you articulate your wine values and desired aesthetics within AIDA.

Cheers! I hope that this interpretation of AIDA proves useful to you.



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