Stand out!


Take your wine label design to the next level with these 15 wine label print features. All 15 are trending and will help your juice get noticed.

– 80% of the time, if they pick it up they will buy it –

Man Looking at Bottle of Wine

1. Shimmer and shine for extra bling – derived from coatings, foil and lamination.
2. Coated stocks with 100% vibrant color coverage.
3. 3D with foil or lenticular effects.
4. Tactile effects such as gloss and matte, multi-level.
5. Multiple techniques for additional contrast.
6. Extended content – peel back or perforation features.
7. Complex die cuts including bikini, unique shapes and window cuts.
8. No label look.
9.  Virtual and augmented reality.
10. Limited edition numbering (variable imaging).
11. Multiple versions across the web ie brand strategy includes more than 1 design by varietal.
12. Brand protection for exports.
13. Sustainability with eco-friendly applications.
14. Specialty stocks such as frozen orion diamond and black vellum.
15. Printed electronics for extended bling!

Many of these features may now be printed in small batches and in one pass on digital and hybrid presses. Help your brand stand out!

Need help with a design or print technique? Please reach out with a comment.

Karen Blumel


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